Austrian Database on Climate Change Adaptation

This database provides an insight into already completed and ongoing adaptation activities in Austria. It documents adaptation activities from both research and practice. The examples in the database are intended to provide concerned actors (such as decision-makers in the administration, but also interested citizens) with a variety of ideas and thereby support the successful implementation of adaptation measures in their respective areas of responsibility.


The database thus covers a wide variety of potential options for adaptation to changing climatic conditions. These range from merely technological measures (such as protective structures on rivers) over behavioural ones (e.g., changes in the choice of leisure activities) to agricultural management measures. In addition to activities that are clearly designed in response to climate change impacts, the database includes measures that have adaptive effects even though they have been initiated in another context.

Entries in the Database

The database is based on the results of the study “Current State of Adaptation to Climate Change in Austria” from 2008. In the context of this survey, the following steps were taken:

  • Internet searches on research activities and practical measures
  • E-mail survey through the AustroClim distribution list (with a total of about 600 e-mail addresses)
  • Interviews with selected experts to supplement the surveys

The results of the survey were processed using a standardized schema and entered into the database. The information in the database is updated and extended on an ongoing basis through additional regularly conducted surveys.

The extensive database on climate change adaptation was designed on behalf of the Lebensministerium. Thanks to the financial support of the Climate and Energy Fund, the dataset can be continuously updated and expanded.

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